When Dieting Just Isn’t Enough, Try Working Out at Youfit Fitness Club in St. Petersburg

When you’ve tried everything to lose weight and are continually frustrated with little or no success maybe it’s time to try something new. At Youfit fitness club in St. Petersburg, we believe that proper nutrition and exercise are usually the keys to success. Many people think that they can lose weight by just diet alone, but health experts agree that it’s the combination of both that yields the greatest success. The first thing to do is decide which days of the week you’ll work out. Most people like to work out every other day since the muscles need time in between workouts to rest and recharge. The second thing you’ll want to do is to choose the exercises that you enjoy and that you think you’ll stick with in your quest to reach your weight loss goal. It’s best to start your workouts with strength retraining and then finish with cardio machines. The instructor and personal trainers at Youfit fitness club in St. Petersburg can help you and even customize a program for you.  

Here are some exercises you can try that can help you lose weight 

•Express 30-Minute Circuit training – At Youfit fitness club in St. Petersburg, our Circuit training program combines strength training and cardiovascular exercise moving from one exercise machine to another. At Youfit fitness club in St. Petersburg, our circuit training program takes just 30 minutes and each exercise is timed so you know exactly when to move on to the next machine. Our circuit training program is what makes Youfit one of the best gyms in the country. In just 30-minutes you have achieved a full workout bringing you one step closer to your fitness goals. 

•Cardio goals–  It’s time to get your heart pumping with some cardio! Exercise machines at Youfit fitness club in St. Petersburg like the treadmill, stationary bike, stair climber, and elliptical machines are perfect for your cardio routine and warm-up. For optimal results, exercise on each machine three times a week for 30 to 40 minutes to burn fat, firm, and tone. 

•Weight lifting  – Did you know that you can build lean muscle mass by lifting weights? It’s the best thing for seniors to do to regain some muscle. As we age we lose muscle and lifting weights helps keep your body strong. Weightlifting can also help you to burn more calories. At Youfit fitness club in St. Petersburg, we think it’s best to do a combination of upper body exercises like bicep curls and shoulder presses and lower body exercises like lunges and squats. In order not to strain the muscles and give them a chance to rest, it’s best to do arms one day and then focus on legs the next. Whatever you choose to do on any given day, just make sure to ask one of the personal trainers at Youfit to make sure you’re doing each exercise correctly. 

Try a new exercise and success will follow 

Trying something new isn’t always easy especially if you are a creature of habit which many of us tend to be. Routine is comforting, but it can also make you feel bored and tired. When you go to the gym you should ideally feel energized and pumped. So, if you’ve never tried jumping rope or doing jumping jacks, it can be a great option for you. Both exercises if done regularly and correctly can also help you lose weight over time. So head on over to the mat and try a couple of reps. For most women, taking a class or two has been shown to be very effective away to lose weight and get rid of those stubborn inches. Watching your waistline shrink is a measure of your hard work!  Whatever you choose to do,  your exercise routine should be challenging and fun so you stick with it! To shake up your exercise routine and make it a bit more challenging, why not ask one of our personal trainers at Youfit fitness club in St. Petersburg to help you. 

How do I get started? 

It’s easy to get started at Youfit fitness club in St. Petersburg. We would be happy to show you some great exercise options for weight loss, training and toning. Remember, consistency and dedication to your health and fitness goals is the key to weight loss success. At Youfit, there is something here for everyone and at every level of fitness. Call us today for more information about our classes and our gym in general, or pop in to see for yourself at our fitness center on 9th Ave. N. Leave the kids to play at our spacious on-premise babysitting center and let one of our courteous staff show you around. While you are here, be sure to check out our summer membership specials.